The Compass

The Compass is biased to the truth. We believe we have enough strength to change this world. The Compass enables to set up an inspiring intelligentsia through the scholarly contents and healthy debates over relevant topics around us

 The Cardinal principles of the compass always directs news worth sharing and transformative in a developing Indian society. The Compass firmly believe in the responsibility to tell the actuality of events and incidents to the people whom we are liable to. The Compass is proudly powered by the culture of dissent. Rather than generation,

we believe in reflection of formation and evolving of news in socially and politically complex space where is free and fair expression make huge difference. Our space defines vitality where truth itself is commercialized and compromised for political and economic patronages. The spectators are already driven by the proponents of popular culture.

Corporate mechanism has been utilising the utmost benefits of amusement dependency of customers on their media products. Creative independence of society has gone under the control of mass media corporatism.


From the film industry to the news world the ethical values have been erased. Both state and mass media started to work as an apparatus to one each other. In a clear view both these institutions are tools of same corporate politans. It also celebrates the diverse aspects and perspectives of reading the society. It will reflect in our stories, narratives and stands. Inclusiveness of diverse and left out people in historical process and entrenched inequalities of traditional power structure is oxygen to the Compass and firmly stand to reflect voice and dialogues from such people in the form of news and artistic dissens.


Annihilation of fundamentalism in multi-faceted aspects is open agenda and synergy of the entire team of the compass. As it is a students’ initiative it is  spiritually holistic to upheld the idea of practicing what exactly learning through the environment and experiences. As a complete students’ initiative, The Compass can’t think about more advanced facilities, equipments,


technological possibilities which need financial backup. But, we hope we will grow up as more advanced and we'll equipped media firm to stand with truth and terrible realities.