BJP smells defeat in upcoming races

Letdowns are on the go for BJP in India and definitely it is going to reflect in the coming
assembly elections of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The result of this will make
a tremendous impact on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and these assembly elections are touted to
be the semifinals before the Lok Sabha elections. NDA, UPA and other parties are also in full
swing for the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Congress was in power for half a century in India and in 2014 BJP came to power. The
dissatisfaction of people on the ruling government exposed in last conducted elections of
Karnataka and in the local elections in Punjab. Congress made their turn strong again In Punjab.
Congress won 1009 block Samiti seats while Akali Dal only got 134. It is expected as the time to
unsettle the ruling government.

Opinion polls are stating that in coming elections of three states, BJP will face a strong
counteract from Congress. From 200- seat Rajasthan assembly 130 is the seat projection for
Congress. It was 21 and 57 for Congress and BJP respectively in 2013 elections. This seems as a
pitfall for BJP because in 2013 they won with 163 seats. For the 230 seat Madhya Pradesh
assembly the Congress has been projected to get 117 and it’s just above the majority line, while
BJP is projected to get 106 seats.2013 it was 58 seats for Congress and BJP won with 165 seats.
In 90 member Chhattisgarh assembly Congress is expected to get 54 seats and its 33 for BJP. It
was 39 for Congress and 49 for BJP last time. Congress victory in the 3 states might be
significant and give India’s grand old party the much needed breather before the 2019 Lok Sabha
election. All three states are ruled by BJP now. Rajasthan under Vasundara Raj, Madhya Pradesh
under Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Chhattisgarh under Raman Singh. The survey polls are
making clear that the foundation of BJP is going to be smashed by the grand old party.

Disgruntlement of people is in the peak now. Petrol price crossed Rs.80, rates at all-time high
across country. Reasons behind this won’t be justifiable for the layman. Indian currency is
continuing its losing streak against the US dollar for the seventh consecutive session, the Indian
rupee breached the 72 mark for the first time. It has tanked more than 12 per cent on a year-to
date basis, making it one of the worst-performing currencies in Asia. Rafale deal is the one of the
recent discussing topics. It is an inter-governmental agreement with France signed in SeptemberIndia bought 36 off-the shelf dassault rafale twin- engine fighters for a price estimated to
be Rs. 58000 crore or 7.8 billion Euros. Congress accused the government of causing
insurmountable loss of taxpayers money by signing the deal worth Rs 58000. The government is
also refusing to show the details of rafale deal regarding the alleged irregularities and recently
former French President Francois Hollande said to French media that India suggested Anil
Ambani’s reliance defense as the industrial partner for dassault aviation in the rafale jet fighter
deal from India. The government faced questions regarding the declaration of Jio Institute of
reliance foundation as institute of eminence, which is not yet launched.

In this political scenario questioning spirit should be encouraged and its happening, but the
results are the repulsive. The voice of people are bottled-up. Arrest of IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt,
missing of Najeeb,suicide of Rohit Vemula, murder of Gauri Lankesh are the clearcut examples for the sangh politics. The list of victims of the sangh politics are not yet completed it is continuing with the names like Junaid Khan, Mohammed Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan etc… The state is failed to be the protector of the rights and freedoms of its citizens. It has turned to a propagator to spread hatred. They smeared black paint on their own face. The people are going to respond through their votes and it is the time for a change.

Anu Antony

(Editor- News,