CAB Dissent: ‘If we want to live here, then the time will answer to our call; Nobody can Challenge’

N.S. Abdul Hameed
India rejects the Citizenship Ammendment Bill and National Register of Citizens! It was an arrogant show of Amit Shah, a hindutva leviathan, that we had seen in Parliament last day. I think, Owaisi is right that Home Minister Amit Shah will be known with Hitler and David BenGurion.
Basically, CAB is unconstitutional and inhuman. The bill is having contradictions from top to toe. If it is based the religious persecution, then why Ahamediyas from Pakistan, Hazaras from Afghanistan are not considered? There comes the communal devide! Why only three neighboring countries? Because, there are questions of Uyigyurs from China, Tamil Hindus from Srilanka and Rohingyans from Myanmar which this government never tolerate.
This fascist regime has just scrapped the very fundamental articles like Article 14,15 and 21 by this bill. Secularism has been thrown into the trash. The values of Indian pluralistic spirit like ‘Vasudaiva Kudumbakam’ and ‘Atidi devo bhava’ became discarded!
This crisis is not a liability of Muslims only. Rather it should be the responsibility of All Indians who believed in constitutional rights and values. Muslims from their own community, with civil societies through the similar discourses, should build a massive resistance against this Hindutva agenda.
This is the time of another freedom struggle and a disobedience movement like we had against British colonial powers. While we are negated our rights, we should stand up, raise ahead, claim and assert our rights at any cost.
If we want to live here, then the time will answer to our call. Then nobody can stop us. Nobody can challenge or threaten us. Because, for Muslims, India is their land by their choice, not by chance. Muslims were on junction of history between two nations, and they had chose this with utmost pride. That will continue at any cost.
I urge to all my friends to keep the prayer ‘Allahumma la thusallit alaina, man laa yarhamhuna’ (Allah, let not those rule over us who do not show mercy to us)
(N.S is the Chief Editor The Compass, Pursuing MPhil/PhD in Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia; This is an extract of N.S’s speech during MSF’s protest on CAB on Tuesday in Jamia)