CAB: Protest Roar in Jamia, Thousands of Students to March towards Parliament today

A massive protest was staged in Jamia Millia Islamia last night by Students’ community of the University. Protest was initially called by Girls students and later thousands of students joined in. Protest staged a huge march from old hostel of girls to the iconic 7th gate of campus.

There was a one hour blockade on Muhammedali Jauhar Marg due to the crowd. Students of Jamia Millia have been protesting against the ‘discriminatory and unconstitutional’ Citizenship ammendment bill from Monday. Students say that this bill is a political agenda of ongoing government to exterminate Muslim population from the country.

Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA) holds a protest gathering on Friday after Jumua Namaz. Massive participation of teachers, staffs and students is expected, a JTA official said.

Thousands of students will march towards Parliament house from campus in Friday evening. Long march has been called by Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF), Students’ Islamic Organisation (SIO) and Campus Front of India (CFI). Many students organisatioins and study circles in Jamia including¬† Dayare Shauq Students’ Charter (DISC) and Sunni Students’ Federation (SSF) have given solidarity to the march that is expected to commence from the office premises of Proctorial Office of University. March will start at 3PM and participation from all students and civil society is appealed by organizers.