‘Parasite’ thrills Academy, wins four awards including Best Picture

In a historic victory that highlighted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ scramble to diversify its voting ranks following the outcry over #OscarsSoWhite, the South Korean thriller “Parasite” won the best picture — the first foreign-language film to do so — and collected three other trophies on Sunday night, including one for Bong Joon Ho’s directing. Han Jin won shared award for best original screenplay with Bong Joon Ho.

Parasite won:

1. Best Picture

2. Best Directing (Bong Joon Wo)

3. Best Original Screenplay (Bong Joon Wo, Han Jin Won)

4. Best Foreign picture

“Parasite,” a genre-defying tale of class warfare, allowed voters to simultaneously embrace the future — Hollywood may finally be starting to move past its over reliance on white stories told by white filmmakers — and remain reverential to decades-old tradition: Unlike some other best-picture nominees, “Parasite” was given a conventional release in theaters.