Rahul keeps challenging Modi, calls PM’s first press meet ‘unprecedented’

Congress president Rahul Gandhi termed the press conference by Prime Minister Narendra Modi “unprecedented”, and said that he has question for him. “Why didn’t he respond to my call for a debate on Rafale,” the Congress chief said at a press briefing that clashed with the prime minister’s first-ever.

“PM Modi is “accompanying” Amit Shah in a press conference, which is an unprecedented event for him. Let me ask him a question right now- Mr. PM, why did you not accept my challenge to debate on corruption in Rafale?” Rahul Gandhi said.

In his first-ever press conference as the prime minister, Modi, with party chief Amit Shah seated beside him, predicted his return as prime minister. “It is the first time in many years that a government which had a majority is coming back to power,” PM Modi said at his first press conference in five years.

Escalating his attack on PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said: “We closed 90 per cent doors for Narendra Modi; he closed 10 per cent for himself by abusing opponents.”

Rahul Gandhi also said that the Election Commission’s role in these polls has been “biased” and it has issued orders keeping in mind PM Modi’s schedule.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that a decision on the prime ministerial post of a non-BJP government at the Centre would be taken after the Lok Sabha poll results are out on May 23. “People will deliver their mandate on May 23. I will not comment on it before their decision is out. I do not want to prejudge the judgment of Indian people. We will take the decision on the basis of what people decide,” Gandhi said.

Holding a press conference at the same time as PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said, “It is an unprecedented event. I heard some journalists have been blocked from attending PM Modi’s press conference.”

“So I will ask him a question sitting here, why didn’t you answer any of my questions on Rafale?” he added, referring to the French fighter jets, the contract for which has become the focal point of the Congress’s attack on PM Modi. While Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi of crony capitalism in the deal, the government has denied any wrongdoing. Rahul Gandhi also repeated his challenge to the Prime Minister of facing him in a debate.

(Courtesy: Hindustan Times)