China is is gearing up for a patriotic extravaganza, in preparation to celebrate the centenary of its ruling party. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the de facto sole governing party in China since 1949, completes 100 years on July 1.

The current leader of CCP, Xi Jinping will attend a series of events starting Thursday to mark the momentous occasion. The events will highlight the achievements of the party over the years, and how it steered China through years of struggle to being a major world power today.

China’s economic transformation, poverty alleviation, technological advances including successful space missions will be a focus area. Building a high-tech military, modern cities and an emerging entrepreneurial middle class, all achieved under the CCP, will be narrated through various mediums. China’s ambition to become the world’s No. 1 economy from the current No. 2 will be showcased.

The Chinese media has been showcasing the battle against poverty and corruption throughout the last month. Television networks are releasing documentaries and dramas related to CCP’s centenary celebrations. However the country’s achievements under current President Xi Jinping is expected to find a disproportionately high representation in the celebrations. The occasion will provide Xi an opportunity to project himself as a strong and capable leader to the country and the world. The CCP has never taken kindly to criticism.

Warnings of consequences have been issued for those who defame communist heroes. The cyber cell of China has shared a website for citizens to report any historical pessimism.


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