Union Home Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra has informed the Lok Sabha that the government does not intend to make Hindi the national language of India. He was responding to a query raised by TN Pratapan MP on this issue.

According to the Constitution, India does not have a national language. The government does not intend to establish Hindi as such. The Government of India has formulated a special policy to protect the various indigenous languages. There are also plans to give special consideration to the languages that are dying and disappearing. The Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​in Mysore preserves 117 such languages. These are languages ​​spoken by less than 10,000 people.

The University Grants Commission also focuses on this area, by allowing state-level universities to conduct research in this area.

Hindi has been selected for the official administration of India under Section 343 of India, along with English which is also used for official communication.


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