The architectural heritage of a land is a pointer to the cultural and historical heritage of that region. And also the study of architectural heritage is regarded as the best means of knowing the rituals and the origins of the past.

The Miskal Masjid is located in the northern part of the Kuttichirai Pond, about half a kilometre away from the Kozhikode Beach. The Masjid is nearly seven hundred years old and has a splendid facade of ancient glory. Among the mosques in Kuttichira are the Miskal Masjid, Muchunthi Masjid and Jumuah Masjid. The architectural beauty of these mosques is awe-inspiring as it combines the unique features of Keralite architecture. Built by local artisans, they resemble the traditional architectural style of Kerala.

Public Pool

The Miskal Masjid was built between 1300 and 1340 AD by the Arab merchant Nahoodah Miskal. He owned several ships and vowed to keep his voyages safe. This masjid is a vow he has made for the safety of his seafarers. It is mostly built on wooden floors, it stands on four floors, that’s why  it’s architectural skills are impressive. The rooftops and the surrounding timber columns, which are attached to the top of the building, are a classic example of Kerala’s ancient architecture.

At the beginning of the 15th century, however, the Miskal Masjid was set on fire by Albuquerque’s military expedition to Calicut, the successor of Vasco da Gama. One can still see some of the indestructible marks of that attack at the top of the mosque.Valuable fiqh texts, garments used by the khadis of the time, an old litter , and the tambourine, used to announce information to the public are still kept sacred.

The settlement of Kuttichira reveals the lifestyle, religion and ideals of the Kerala Muslims. And the Miskal Mosque is a fine example of the richness of its Muslim architecture. From every corner of the mosque, we can see how civilized and cultural elements of a community are manifested in its architectural skills. The mosque depicts the cultural and historical presence of the Kerala Muslims.

Roof of Masjid
An old lifter used by Qadis in earlier times
Area of ablution
Inside the Masjid
Rooftop of Masjid
Staircase to the rooftop of Masjid


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