A very thoughtful and fruitful session was conducted by The Compass with Swati Jagdish, a psychologist, sex educator and a trained lactation counsellor, who is a clear communicator on topics varying from sex education, female sexuality and how parenting needed to be evolved in current times.  Sex education is still considered as a taboo in Indian society against which Swati Jagdish is continuously trying to raise her voice. She conducts online and offline workshops and counselling’s which is an eye-opener to a wide section in the society.  She questions the wrong assumptions related to sex education that bring up controversies which are prevalent in India. She stresses the idea that sex education does not only revolve around the factor “sex” but have different components in it.  She connects consent as one among them where it becomes a part of daily life; from the dining table where the parent takes over the eating habits of their children. This non-sexual consent is found everywhere and Swati Jagdish states that such activities of parents could even lead to children’s silence over any sexual abuses against them. Thus, she stresses on the need to respect and realise the boundaries and consent of children.

Being a great mother, Swati also shares her thought on parenting.  She says that there should be a new way to approach the idea of parenting apart from the age-old concepts.  She also motivates parents to know more about basic ideas of eating habits, nutrition, diet and lifestyle which help them to clarify and clear the doubts of children.

The idea of female orgasm and pleasure are way more marginalised like sex education in male dominated patriarchal society. The shame and embarrassment associated to these terms are taken away so effortlessly by Swati.  She positively responds to female orgasm as not complicated but very natural until the woman herself is comfortable with it.  She says that along with continuous conversations and discussions in the public domain there can be a better understanding and the taboo related to this domain shall be clogged. She also brings up the idea of equality in pleasure where both the partners should respect the personal space of their opposites and the free interaction among them eventually leads to healthy relationship. Along with general conclusions related to this topic, she also shares her experiences from counselling’s on how women are not aware about orgasm or pleasure.

Swati Jagdish is a major figure in the field of psychology and sex education where she conducts webinars, counselling, workshops and events in collaboration with educational institutions like schools and colleges.  She deals with classes concerning parenting, pregnancy, sexuality, sexual abuses and lot more which are equally helpful to all genders. She excitedly shares to The Compass that how such piece of knowledge should reach everyone and eventually brings up the idea of how Government should promote such events.

This optimization and rigidity towards her passion makes Swati a great mom, mentor and a brilliant sex educator.  The interview was a success as the ideas and knowledge had a broader access to the listeners who have better understanding about their own body and society.


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