“We’ll meet again” –Queen Elizabeth II.

But isn’t it up to us to make sure on that day, the world will be in a better shape than how Coronavirus found it?

At the time we figured out the global outbreak of the deadly virus, we had two possibilities; either ‘Post-covid or ‘New Normal’. It was after WHO Executive said the Coronavirus may never go away and could become another virus like HIV, the term ‘NEW NORMAL’ came into serious discussions gradually diminishing the usage of the term post-covid. Instead of waiting this to be over, we shall now look at how we can get the most out of it together.

Health Care system was the most relevant factor that determined each state’s success in fighting the upsurge. While the leaders who boasted nuclear weapon richness and strength crawled facing the situation, the so called third world countries and their health care delivery system stole the show. For instance, Taiwan and its success tale in fighting covid19 is worth noting. Taiwan’s central government made quick and decisive actions as soon as the news of a virus emerged from Wuhan, the epicenter which is less than 150 kilometers from the island. Covid-19 demands a necessary improvement in the healthcare delivery system in capitalist states like the US, where this vital area is in complete possession of the private sector. Covid taught us infections or outbreaks occur in a society, not on an individual alone, which implies the importance of publicizing the healthcare setup of a state for the wellness of every individual regardless of his/her financial background rather than privatizing it to favor upper class sections. The days to come will surely see a clash between safeguarding Individual rights and securing public health. It is surely an intrusion to one’s privacy when he/she is monitored, or his/her movements and activities are closely observed in order to ensure public health. Lock down periods showed us the opportunities and the need of shift in point of care from hospitals to patients’ home or to wherever the patient is

Economy of the globe is making another big turn after a break. Seeing how a virus can take the world to the brink of a collapse will surely take a toll on how we approach it, it seems our trust in opportunities presented by the globalized world will be diminished. The new world may see Chinese economy play the kingmaker role like the one played by Uncle Sam for a long time. You may find it a bit hypothetical, but considering the trend that led to the fall of the USSR and growth of the US as a superpower, the rise of China and its economic dominance in the twenty-first century still serves a fair possibility. The US dollar may lose its position as the de facto global currency to Chinese counterpart. On a smaller frame, it is now more relevant than never before, for an individual or a family and even for a society to shape strategies for economic self sufficiency. Dependency is not a better alternative for self sufficiency in food production, human resource, and health care system in the new normal setup.

Education aided by digital infrastructure is an important transition I expect to see in the new normal world. Studies show that growth of online platforms of education and presence of renowned universities in it reduced the economic burden of education loans on the students in the United States. A wide variety of online distance courses will help students to learn and earn at the same time to achieve economic self sufficiency. The greatest advantage of online education is its capacity. It can contain a lot more students than a college lecture hall. The education process will become more flexible and student friendly if structured in a scientific way.

 Lifestyle of a good proportion of the world will see a positive change inspired from the Covid lockdown experiences.  It was in the 19th century during the industrial revolution when hygiene was connected with quality health. The hygiene habits of people should and will stay in practice to continue social wellness. Usage of face masks, periodical sanitization and hand washing will become a part of daily routines. Close contacts in market places, and exposure of high risk personals into risk areas will gradually dwindle.

Tourism and travelling will not be the same as pre-Covid times. You cannot have a sudden thought, pack a bag and make a trip as before. Immunity Passport is a new concept which may be implemented in many countries. New travel habits will come into practice. Airports and other international borders had major system changes after 9/11 regarding security checks and scrutiny. These monitoring will intensify on a health and hygiene scale to ensure standards. Travelling will remain expensive for an unexpected period since the air companies are already at a loss of 350 billion US Dollars.

Political considerations and dimensions of a society or the entire world want to change for good. It is craving for a shift of focus from authority circus to optimistic power utilization. It is ever demanding to have visionary leaders to lead the world. People should choose sagacity over extremism and modesty over flamboyance. Leaders of every state should strive to make their state a self sufficient and independent place. They should allow compassion to flow sans borders.

‘New Normal’ comes into action when the world and life as it used to be is not sustainable anymore. Instead of wanting to go back to old lives, we should focus on how to create a more resilient and more efficient world.


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